Property Space is a web based property search and mapping program built with the realtor, lender and developer in mind.  Using this program a user can search for properties using an address, owners name or parcel number and quickly view, print or email a property profile, aerial map, demographics and assessors maps.
Users of Property Space are added using the manager console provided to the geoAdvantage Client. This management system allows full control of each users access including the counties they have access to. Managers can also view total usage of each client and determine their charges for the month.

Assessors Data
- Ownership
- Land information
- Improvement details
- Assessment and total tax information (does not include current tax roll information)
- Street View Photos (where available)

Mapping Data (GIS)
- City, County, State and Federal Roads
- Rivers, Lakes, Streams
- Parcel Boundaries
- City, County Boundaries
- 2005 Aerial Imagery

Other Maps

- Assessors section maps (.pdf)

Demographic Data
- 2000 Census data
- Report by radius and % change
- Links to census and labor
Property Profiles

geoAdvantage produces a property profile with ownership, assessments, land and improvement information. This information along with a logo specific to the user of the system and a street view photo (if available) is then placed on a single color sheet This profile can be printed or exported to a .pdf to email.


The service gives the user a simple interface for producing high quality maps. These maps are completely interactive so you can produce simple aerial image of a property or zoom out to show an entire subdivision. The maps are setup to print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and will include your logo.
In addition to the interactive maps geoAdvantage also provides access to the assessors section maps in .pdf format as well as subdivision and survey maps (if available).


A simple demographics report system has been added this year to provide basic information about a parcel and produce reports based on a specified radius from the parcel in question. A single page report is produced that can be printed and/or emailed.
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